General Guidelines for Selection of Nominees for the Board of Directors


  • The highest standards of personal and professional ethics and integrity
  • Demonstrated excellence and leadership in his or her field of endeavor
  • Commitment to, and experience and expertise in, strategic and independent thinking.
  • Demonstrated ability to ask critical questions and to exercise sound business judgment.
  • The Board should represent a diverse spectrum of expertise and experience. Each director should bring to the Board experience or knowledge in one or more fields that contributes to the effectiveness of the Board. Examples of such fields are: neuroscience, research, marketing, strategy development execution, management of direct sales forces, operations, education, public policy, finance and financial reporting, entrepreneurship, strategic transactions.
  • Commitment to staunchly representing the long-term interests of the Company’s stockholders.
  • Willingness and ability to devote sufficient time to carrying out his or her duties and responsibilities and to serve on the Board for at least five years.