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Closing the Gap (PDF)
Online reading intervention can dramatically improve ACT scores and college readiness. Copyright (2017) National Association of Secondary School Principals. Reprinted with permission.

New Views into the Science of Educating Children with Autism (PDF)
Emerging developments in neuroscience are forming the basis of promising new treatments for children on the autism spectrum.

Murray County Schools Are Improving Graduation Rates With Reading Software
The graduation rates in Murray County Georgia public schools rose from 57% to 94% in the span of a few years thanks, in part, to technology offering reading and language software.



How to develop reading programs
Eric Jensen
April 11, 2019


Norwalk Public Schools in Connecticut Expands Fast ForWord Implementation to Close Gaps and Build a Growth Mindset in Reading
March 26, 2019


Mind Matters Receives $4,800 Grant from Calaveras Community Foundation
March 19, 2019


I’m a Neuroscientist. Here’s How Teachers Change Kids’ Brains
Martha Burns, Ph.D.
February 19, 2019


Using Reading Intervention for Student Achievement
NASSP: National Association of Secondary School Principals
Emily Holloway-Costa
February, 2019


Nuts and Bolts: Superintendent rallies community behind K12 student success
DA: District Administration
Steven Blackburn
December 21, 2018


Why we love our reading software
eSchool News
Ellen Ullman
November 20, 2018


Guest speaker shares link between poverty, education
The Union-Recorder
Gil Pound
October 4, 2018


Connection Between Autism And Auditory Processing Disorder
Hearing Sol
September 20, 2018


What is Auditory Processing Disorder?
Attitude Magazine
Janice Rodden
August 29, 2018


10 tips to boost executive function
eSchool News
Martha S. Burns, Ph.D.
July 31, 2018


LPSS: Literacy program showing positive results
Daily Advertiser
May 9, 2018


Ready to learn: 5 strategies to help students with learning differences improve their focus
Education Dive
Shannon Gilfeather
April 20, 2018


Five Ways to Help Struggling Readers Build Reading Fluency
International Literacy Association
Shannon Gilfeather
April 18, 2018


OPINION: This high-poverty district learned to think differently about teaching and learning
The Hechinger Report
Leonard Armato
February 8, 2018


Three Ways to Counter the Effects of Stress on the Brain
Martha S. Burns, Ph.D.
January 25, 2018


Demystifying Dyslexia
Bangkok Post
January 8, 2018


Learning to Write: One More Step from Language to Literacy
Brain Connection


How to Improve Brain Function and Reverse Poverty's Impact on Student Learning
Eric Jensen
October 24, 2017


Fascinating: Schools are using brain science to guide edtech decisions
eSchool News
Leo Doran
October 3, 2017


10 Ways that Neuroscience can Change Education
The Tech Edvocate
Matthew Lynch
August 30, 2017


3 Ways to Help Struggling Readers and English Language Learners
ASCD In Service
Inservice Guest Blogger
August 29, 2017


Fast ForWord with Reading Assistant
Tech & Learning
Shannon Merssand
June 20, 2017


5 ways teachers can improve student learning based on current brain research
eSchool News
Martha S. Burns, Ph.D.
May 24, 2017


5 Things Every Educator Should Know About Cognitive Capacity
Jensen Learning
Dr. Eric Jensen
May 24, 2017


3 Tips to Close the Poverty Gap
Dr. Eric Jensen
May 3, 2017


District schools keep moving ForWord
Franklin County Times
Tyler Hargett
April 26, 2017


Read Across America: Teachers help students find joy of reading
East Oregonian
Jayati Ramakrishnan
March 1, 2017


Corpus Christi ISD Expands Literacy Program to All Elementary Schools
T|H|E Journal
February 1, 2017


‘When our students arrive Monday morning, many haven’t eaten a real meal since they left school on Friday’
The Hechinger Report
Pamela Davis Smith
February 1, 2017


Starting today: Past and Future Pervasive Neurotechnologies, as seen through 50 Key Patents
Sharp Brains
January 31, 2017


What's New: New Tools for Schools
Tech & Learning
January 31, 2017


15 hot edtech trends for 2017
eSchool News
Meris Stansbury
January 2, 2017


Bridging the Gap for Students With Special Needs
International Literacy Association
Tara Hamlett
December 13, 2016


District hopes new program will strengthen student reading scores
Laramie Boomerang
Nuria Mathog
October 27, 2016


Jumpstarting Learning for Children in Poverty
Huffington Post
Eric Jensen
September 26, 2016


Arizona Tries Tech-Based English Language Learner Program
91.5 KJZZ
Steve Goldstein
August 29, 2016


Lebanon grad honored with international prize
Albany Democrat Herald
Jennifer Moody
July 31, 2016


Arizona Board of Ed to Pilot English Language Learning Software
T|H|E Journal
Leila Meyer
July 14, 2016


Oregon District Expands Blended Reading Program
T|H|E Journall
July 6, 2016


Three neuroscientists win $1m award for discovering brain's plasticity
June 2, 2016


Students make grade level jumps with Fast ForWord
The Advertiser
May 9, 2016


Brain Plasticity: What is it and How Does it Relate to Autism, Alzheimer's, and Normal Learning
Hub Pages
April 10, 2016


Wash. district implements neuroscience reading intervention
eSchool News
March 31, 2016


Changes coming to summer school in Rapides
The Town Talk
Leigh Guidry
March 24, 2016


RiverView reading programs impact area kids
Crookston Times
March 24, 2016


New app allows schools to provide access to Reading Assistant
District Administration
Ariana Fine
March 20, 2016


Scientific Learning Launches Reading Assistant iPad App
T|H|E Journal
Joshua Bolkan
March 17, 2016


Scientific Learning in the News
Visions News
March 14, 2016


Taking a Three-Pronged Approach to Help ELLs Excel
ASCD In-Service
Nancy McGee
February 29, 2016


Decherd students moving Fast ForWord
Herald Chronicle
Linda Stacy
February 26, 2016


The Dialogue Surrounding Dyslexia: Five Important Takeaways
Holly Korbey
February 26, 2016


NAESP: National Association of Elementary School Principals
Carole Meyer
January/February 2016


Hartselle elementary school receives state recognition
Decatur Daily
Deangelo McDaniel
January 14, 2016


Mississippi District Named National Reference Site for Use of Blended Learning Tools
T|H|E Journal
Joshua Bolkan
January 12, 2016


Reading program proves to be beneficial for Lafayette Parish School System students, superintendent reports
The Advocate
Heather Miller
January 13, 2016


Students in Starkville, Mississippi School District Improve Reading Skills By 1.9 Years After Using Fast ForWord for 85 Days
District Administration
January 13, 2016



How Poverty Affects School Success
SmartBlog on Education
Martha Burns
January 6, 2016


K12 products that work
District Administration
December, 2015


Special needs students contributing to Hartselle's reading scores
Decatur Daily
Deangelo McDaniel
December 13, 2015



LPSS seeing reading progress with new program
The Advertiser
November 16, 2015


Gonzales Middle Students Rewarded for Fast ForWord Success!!
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
October 23, 2015


Fast Forword and Reading Assistant chosen to improve reading scores
District Administration
Ariana Fine
October 22, 2015


Texas District Expands Use of Adaptive Reading Programs
T|H|E Journal
Joshua Bolkan
October 21, 2015


Fremont Public Schools Expands Computer-Based Reading Programs
T|H|E Journal
Leila Meyer
October 7, 2015


Technology Holds Promise for Students With Poor Vocabulary Skills
Education Week
Steven L. Miller
July 23, 2015


Districts turning to neuroscience for new instruction strategies
Kate Schimel
July 20, 2015


School neuroscience unleashes students' brain power
District Administration
Matt Zalaznick
July 20, 2015


Hartselle receives grant for reading program
Decatur Daily
Briana Harris
July 17, 2015


Game-like software helps local students
Calaveras Enterprise
Amber Pappé
July 7, 2015


Expert to educators: 'You change brains'
The Town Talk
Leigh Guidry
June 16, 2015


By Changing My Son’s School, I Made The Right Choice
Samantha Taylor
June 4, 2015


3 Alachua schools share $135,000 in literacy funds
The Gainesville Sun
Eric Jester
May 27, 2015


US Embassy literacy partnership offers juveniles essential life skills
The Bahamas Weekly
Azaleta Ishmael-Newry
May 21, 2015


Reading Program Helps Winslow Students Excel
Arizona Journal
Linda Kor
May 12, 2015


Don't Assume; Assess
Tech & Learning
Sascha Zuger
April 23, 2015


The Five Key Ingredients in Quality Neuroscience-Based Learning Programs
Martha Burns
April 23, 2015


Highland View Elementary students are learning in Fast For-Word
News Channel 11
Kasey Marler
March 31, 2015


CASE endorses Fast ForWord
eSchool News
March 30, 2015


Games 'fast forword' students' reading skills
The Town Talk
Leigh Guidry
March 25, 2015


Indigo Learning - Tech Report (VIDEO)
eNCATechReport (YouTube)
March 24, 2015


District rolls out ‘neuroplasticity’ language development programs
eSchool News
March 6, 2015


Computer program boosting students' reading skills
The Gainville Sun
Erin Jester
February 21, 2015


Inside the Brain of a Struggling Reader
District Administration
Martha S. Burns, Ph.D.
January 20, 2015


No matter the challenge, LSU's Kenny Hilliard finishes what he starts
The Times-Picayune
Ron Higgins
December 29, 2014


How longer days helped struggling middle schoolers, other lessons, from the turnaround in St. Mary Parish
The Hechinger Report
Donald Aguillard
December 5, 2014


Getting Past Dyslexia Myths: How Neuroscience Has Helped
Cognitive Neuroscience Society
Priya Kalra
November 28, 2014


Reading gets better by the click (PDF)
Antelope Valley Press
Julie Drake
November 22, 2014


How Autism affects language skills with Dr. Martha Burns
ehealth radio network
Eric Michaels
November 12, 2014


Students improve reading skills and motivation at technology-based reading center
Albert Jackson
October 30, 2014


Understanding the Causes of Dyslexia for Effective Intervention
Dr. Martha Burns
October 22, 2014


Murray County Schools Are Improving Graduation Rates With Reading Software
WUTC Public Radio
Rabbit Zielke
August 25, 2014


Undoing Dyslexia via Video Games
American Psychological Association
April 2014


Game your brain: the new benefits of neuroplasticity
Wired UK
Joao Medeiros
April 17, 2014


Fluency:  A Key to Reading Success
eSchool News
Timothy Rasinski
April 14, 2014


10 Online Literacy Programs to Make Reading More Engaging
District Administration
Harriet Meyers
March, 2014


Conner students' improved reading skills help boost ACT scores
Melisssa Stewart
January 15, 2014


Top of the World Elementary Launches After-School Literacy Program
Laguna Beach Path
Nisha Gutierrez-Jaime
October 29, 2013


Diversity creates possibility in Indiana district
District Administration
Lauren Williams
October, 2013


Closing the Achievement Gap in a High-Poverty School
SmartBlog on Education
Niki P. Fryou
September 25, 2013


Reading for All
The Hindu
Hazeeda Vijayakumar
August 12, 2013


Hospital honors students for reading success
June 20, 2013


Grant Supports Online Reading Intervention
School CIO
May 22, 2013


District 97 reading program will build on success
Oak Leaves
Rebecca R. Bibbs
April 11, 2013


Carver students excel in Fast ForWord reading program
The Advocate
March 13, 2013


How hearing skills could be key to treating dyslexia
The Globe and Mail
Adriana Barton
March 10, 2013


Saint Clair school plans video game-like program to help kids learn more 
March 8, 2013


Sequester poised to hit schools
Mary Katherine Murphy
March 7, 2013


Brain Power: Early College school to use innovative reading program
Valley Morning Star 
Travis M. Whitehead
January 15, 2013


Colquitt Regional helps schools teach
WALB News 10 
January 15, 2013


SLUSD now offering Fast ForWord program online
The White Mountain Independent's Online Edition 
Sean Dieterich
January 4, 2013


New Views into the Science of Educating Children with Autism
Martha S. Burns, Ph.D.
December 2012/January 2013


School board restores salary funds
November 19, 2012


Neuroscience in Schools
District Administration
Ron Schachter
November 16, 2012


Reading Assistant Program From Scientific Learning Wins 2012 Award of Excellence From Tech & Learning
District Administration
November 16, 2012


Parish third-grade readers are beating poverty’s impact
Zachery Fitzgerald
October 30, 2012


Oakland schools boost scores with learning software
School CIO
September 6, 2012


School year will be busy
The Record
Niki Hope
September 5, 2012


Increasing Brain Fitness and Efficiency Helps ELLs Accelerate Academic Gains
Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents
August 30, 2012


MySciLEARN™ on demand platform seeing gains
School CIO
August 28, 2012


North Hunterdon prepares for start of school year
Hunterdon Review
August 23, 2012


Scientists Report Promising New Direction for Cognitive Rehabilitation in the Elderly
AlphaGalileo Foundation
August 20, 2012


Union School District in San Jose offers virtual summer school
Silicon Valley
Carol Rosen
August 9, 2012


School uses Jump Start to set much higher bar
The Advocate
Bret H. McCormick
August 9, 2012


Using Data and Technology To Improve AYP
THE Journal
Joshua Bolkan
August 2, 2012


Brain Storm:  As neuroscientists begin to figure out how the brain learns, educators are using the research to change the way they teach
Caralee Adams
July 31, 2012


Reading Software Tailored to Students
District Administration
Courtney Williams
July 23, 2012


Technology and Teaching Transformed Our Students
Sr. Anne Keating
July 17, 2012


Collaboration, Leadership Key in Oakland, Calif., School Turnaround
Converge and the Center for Digital Education
Tanya Roscorla
July 11, 2012


20 Must-See Teaching Tools Coming To Your Classroom Very Soon
July 11, 2012


Update regarding Fast ForWord
Oak Park Elementary School District
June 14, 2012


The Brain Gap
Inquirer Opinion
Leonardo Leonidas
June 11, 2012


Experts Call for Teaching Educators Brain Science
Education Week
June 4, 2012


Schools' Test Scores Show Improvement
May 24, 2012


Wellspring Learning to Offer Scientific Learning Fast ForWord® and Reading Assistant™ Products Desig
May 13, 2012


New Developments in Reading Software
eSchool News
May, 2012


Empowering Students with Digital Reading
District Administration
Kelly Puente
April 18, 2012


Innovation Radio Show - Dakota Midday (4MB mp3 file)
South Dakota Public Broadcasting
Radio Host Cara Hetland
April 13, 2012


Program puts kindergartners on Fast ForWord
Rhonda Aghamalian
Mansfield News-Mirror
April 2, 2012


Bowler Students Moving Fast ForWord
Mesquite Local News
March 17, 2012


Northwestern State alumna to present research
The Natchitoches Times
March 2, 2012


The New Brain Science of Learning (VIDEO)
TEDxEnola Talks (YouTube)
February 1, 2012


New program helps increase test scores
Chelsea Sektnan
December 15, 2011


Teacher recognised for reading skill development
ABC News (Australia Broadcasting Corporation)
December 14, 2011


Amanda Miller:  Against all odds
Sam King
December 9, 2011


Bob Gillis honoured for excellence in teaching
Telegraph Journal
December 3, 2011


MATSOL Currents (PDF, pg. 5)
Accelerating the Language Development of English Language Learners
Sergio Paez
Fall/Winter 2011


New Software Helps Underperforming School
WCVB TV5 Boston
September 27, 2011


Brain Game Teaching Kids to Read
My Fox Orlando
September 13, 2011


New Jersey's Number 1 Special Education School, Benway School "Fit Brains Learn Better” at BENWAY
Press Release Distribution
September 7, 2011


Software boosts Palmyra students' reading skills
Lebanon Daily News
Andrea Gillhoolley
August 30, 2011


Fast ForWord a Success at Merrillville Intermediate School
Merrillville Community
Rose Wilson
August 26, 2011


Newark schools rated excellent on annual district report cards
The Newark Advocate
Seth Roy
August 18, 2011


First Nation Student Success Program sustains Peigan student learning and success
The Pincher Creek Echo
July 28, 2011


Academy Bridges Special-Needs Reading Deficits: Egli
Ken Royal
July 27, 2011


Scientific Learning unveils software to help improve brain function in autistic children (VIDEO)
July 15, 2011


Oakland School Adopts Computer Reading Program; Proficiency Triples (VIDEO)
July 6, 2011


Programme offers alternative learning at Dellwood
The Royal Gazette Online
Jessie Moniz
June 23, 2011


Software improves reading skills of kids (VIDEO)
Carolyn Johnson
June 16, 2011


Flushing School District selected to be a national reference site for literacy program used in the elementary schools
Michigan Live
Sarah Schuch
May 26, 2011


Struggling Readers Jump Grade Levels in East Chicago District
Tanya Roscorla
May 24, 2011


Summit focuses on science of learning
Highlands Today
Marc Valero
May 23, 2011


Reading boosts brain pathways, affects multiple disciplines
eSchool News
Jenna Zwang
May 3, 2011


Our Plastic Brain
THE Journal
May 2, 2011


New Ideas in Spec. Ed. Language Arts Instruction
Education Week Teacher
Liana Heitin
April 27, 2011


Program morphs reading into game
Watertown Daily News
Matt McAllister
March 23, 2011


Fast ForWord Given Good Reviews
The Picayune Item
Will Sullivan
February 23, 2011


School Board Regular Session - Dec. 9, 2010
February 2, 2011


Back Office Business, February 2011
Tech & Learning
February 1, 2011


Learning Disabilities:  The Misunderstood Child
January 27, 2011


Computer helps kids read -- and more
Tehran Times
January 24, 2011


ESPNU 150 RB Kenny Hilliard wouldn't be going to LSU if not for some special software
Corey Long 
January 14, 2011


Boys lag behind girls in New West schools
The Royal City Record
Niki Hope 
January 5, 2011


TRS Learning Center introduces globally recognized language learning software that teaches children and adults 25 languages
December 22, 2010


Leading the Pack: Program Accelerating Kids' Reading Abilities (1.4M PDF)
Rachel Cook
December 21, 2010


Jefferson County’s Daeschner named Superintendent of the Year
Kentucky Association of School Administratorsn
December 13, 2010


Hoke schools expect budget cuts, lost jobs
The Fayetteville Observer
Jennifer Calhoun
December 7, 2010


Patterson star RB Hilliard improves in classroom
The Advocate
Robin Fambrough
December 6, 2010


ID Students Using Fast ForWord Achieve State Test Scores
EdNet Insight
December 3, 2010


St. Mary Parish Schools Boost Test Scores
Melissa Hawkes
December 2, 2010


Researchers aim for earlier autism diagnoses
eSchool News
Jenna Zwang
November 30, 2010


Tylertown High Students use Brain Exercise Software to Improve Reading Levels
MPB News
Lawayne Childrey
November 18, 2010


Schools plot strategies to improve achievement
Tuscaloosa News
Jamon Smith
October 25, 2010


Smith students add own flavor to BAM!
The Times-Picayune
Anita Hymel
October 14, 2010


Jefferson schools to drop laptop computer project and expand literacy program
New Orleans, LA Local News
Barri Bronston
October 11, 2010


Reading intervention program to expand to four Jefferson Parish public schools
The Times-Picayune Times 
Barri Bronston
August 11, 2010


Stimulus Enabled Polk to Put New Reading Program in Schools 
The Ledger 
July 10, 2010