Adaptive Elementary Reading and Language Intervention Exercises

Fast ForWord for Elementary


We believe that one struggling reader is one too many. Despite countless elementary educational initiatives and programs, young students continue to fall — and stay — behind in reading and language. A different approach to intervention is needed for our most vulnerable learners to help them catch up, once and for all. Fast ForWord provides effective, evidence-based language and reading intervention for elementary age learners in grades K-5.


What Fast ForWord Does


Targets the Root Causes of Reading and Learning Struggle

Many learners’ struggle to read because their brains do not process the phonemes of English as efficiently as their peers. Fast ForWord was designed by neuroscientists to target the underlying causes of reading and learning struggle directly. Once the processing weaknesses are addressed, learners are able to develop reading and learning skills far more quickly.


Provides the Intensive Practice Struggling Readers Need

To catch up to their peers, struggling readers need 10-30 times the amount of reading practice. Fast ForWord delivers more practice opportunities than any other reading and language intervention program. Exercises are designed to adapt delivery to each learner, ensuring that each learner develops the critical cognitive skills and reading skills they need to become proficient readers.


Produces Fast, Lifelong Learning Gains

Fast ForWord produces fast, enduring learning gains because it addresses the root causes of reading struggle, provides the necessary reading practice, and reinforces newly learned skills with its digital online guided reading tool. And best of all, elementary students that use Fast ForWord continue to make significant learning progress even after they complete the program.


Who it is For


Fast ForWord’s elementary intervention exercises are for students age 5-11. The program is effective with a wide variety of learner populations. Learn more.


Want to Learn More About Fast ForWord?


If you’re interested in learning more about Fast ForWord and how it helps the hardest to reach learners improve their reading and language skills, let us know! We’re happy to send you more information or schedule a personal demonstration.