Reading and Language Intervention for Preteens and Teenagers

Fast ForWord for Middle School and High School


“I feel stupid.” By the time students enter middle school or high school, many have been struggling with reading for years and lose hope that anything will help them. They see their abilities as fixed and unchangeable. This is where Fast ForWord is amazingly powerful, becoming the key that helps so many adolescent learners unlock their own learning potential. The language and reading intervention program helps struggling learners in middle school and high school quickly improve their reading skills and overall academic performance.


What Fast ForWord Does


Targets the Underlying Problem of Reading and Learning Struggle

For one reason or another — gaps in schooling, poor attendance, attention struggles, etc. — many middle and high school students enter grades 6+ missing the foundational skills needed for reading. Past 4th grade, they are expected to read to learn, not to be learning how to read. Thus begins the vicious cycle, where the remediation they need is not readily available, and illiteracy continues. Fast ForWord provides an extensive library of reading and language intervention exercises that target the root causes of reading and learning struggle directly. Middle school and high school learners quickly fill in missing foundational language, cognitive and reading skills. When these building blocks for literacy are in place, they start to make significant learning gains, and are able to catch up to peers.


Provides Intensive Online Reading and Language Practice

Struggling learners in middle school and high school require significantly more practice to catch up to their peers. Fast ForWord provides 5 times the amount of intensive practice compared to other online intervention programs. Each exercise is designed to develop specific cognitive and English language arts skills, and adapt its delivery to meet each learners’ specific needs.


Delivers Fast Gains and Improved Test Scores

Fast ForWord provides all the tools struggling readers and learners in middle school or high school need to make rapid learning gains. The program is so effective with the hardest to reach learners in middle school and high school because it addresses the root causes of reading struggle, offers more intensive practice, and allows learners to reinforce their newly developed skills using patented speech verification technology. Fast ForWord is also proven to improve learners' performance on summative ELA assessments.


Who it is For

Fast ForWord’s middle school and high school intervention exercises are for struggling readers and learners age 12-18+. The program is effective with a wide variety of learner populations. Learn more.


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