Services Available with Scientific Learning Subscriptions

Services Available


We care deeply about the success of your students using Fast ForWord® and Reading Assistant Plus™ products. To prove it, we offer unparalleled training and support.


Fast ForWord Support & Service


For schools using Fast ForWord products, our Fast ForWord Results Now! Package brings together our most popular options to drive implementation success.


Reading Assistant Plus Support & Service


Designed for our Reading Assistant Plus only customers, our Reading Assistant Plus Results Now! Package gives you everything you need to get up and running quickly.


Onsite & Web-Based Training Options


Learn about additional Services & Training options for your staff. These offerings are for customers using Fast ForWord products, Reading Assistant Plus software, or both. 


SciLEARN Professional Development


Using SciLEARN™ Professional Development, you will learn from expert educators and scientists how to improve student learning by integrating neuroscience principles into everyday teaching practice.