The Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant products were developed through university-based neuroscience research. Familiarity with neuroscientific theory and research application is required for implementation of these products. Due to their neuroscience basis and the complexity of implementation, only qualified professionals may become Scientific Learning providers.


Providers in Learning Centers


Your center should focus on academic achievement, providing academic assessment, tutoring and/or enrichment activities to enhance academic success.


Providers in Clinics


Qualifications include having a Professional or State Board of Education Certification, e.g., Audiologist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Psychologist, Educator, etc.


Providers outside the U.S. & Canada


See the International section if you are interested in becoming an international provider.

If you are qualified you must be prepared to document your qualifications, successfully complete an online course, and pass a final examination.

Scientific Learning educational software can be provided in your office or offsite. With the flexibility of offsite use, you can effectively serve more children year round.