Available Funding Opportunities

Looking for Funding


Many school districts across the United States have been able to bring the benefits of the Fast ForWord family of products and to their students with the help of grants and government funding.

Researching and writing grants can be a creative and dynamic process, but it can also be overwhelming. The information in this section is provided to help you start your search for an appropriate funding source.

The following resources may help you locate additional funding sources via government programs and grants, to help fund your school district in improving your students’ reading skills.


Federal Funding Sources


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State Funding Sources


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Foundational Funding Sources


The Foundation Center is a good source of information about grants and funding from private and corporate foundations. The Foundation Center operates the Foundation Directory Online which is a convenient service that can help schools, districts, and organizations find grants in order to fund the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus software. Their database lists over 100,000 U.S. foundations and corporate donors.  The Foundation Center offers various subscriptions plans. Their Philanthropy News Digest had a Special Issue dealing with Funding for Elementary and Secondary Education from private foundations.


Additional Funding Sources