Unlock Language and Reading Skills for Learners with Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder


The latest evidence shows that learners with autism have hyper-connected brains: imagine millions of surface streets that are hyperactive, and consequently, incredibly inefficient when it comes to paying attention, learning to read, and more. We now know that an overactive brain is partially at fault for the learning challenges faced by students on the autism spectrum. Fast ForWord provides intensive training to create "super-highways” in the brain for language and reading, while also addressing processing rate and attention. As a result, learners with autism often improve social, language and academic skills simultaneously.


Providing Intensive, Adaptive Training on Missing Language and Reading Skills for Students with Autism


  • Listening comprehension, including multi-step directions
  • Intensive grammar and vocabulary practice
  • Expressive language and prosody: like a “guided reading coach”, learners hear a modeled reading, then get real-time feedback as they read aloud
  • Strengthens auditory attention skills, helping learners tune in to what’s important, and tune out the rest



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