Helping ELs Quickly Develop Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency

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Reading and language arts scores for English Language Learners (ELLs) have been flat for 13 years. With increasing numbers of ELLs in our schools and ESSA placing an emphasis on narrowing the achievement gap for this subgroup, it’s time for a different approach.

Ranked the top English language development program on What Works Clearinghouse, Fast ForWord is uniquely designed to build the listening, speaking and reading skills for beginning to advanced language learners. The program provides the English phonics training, intensive grammar and vocabulary practice, and oral speaking and reading reinforcement necessary to build both basic and academic English proficiency.


Providing Adaptive, Personalized Exercises to Build English Fast


  • English phonemic training
  • Extensive academic vocabulary support, in Spanish and English
  • English morphology, grammar, listening, and reading comprehension
  • Patented speech verification technology that listens as students read aloud and provides corrective feedback when words are mispronounced



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If you’re interested in learning more about Fast ForWord and how it helps the hardest to reach learners improve their reading and language skills, let us know! We’re happy to send you more information or schedule a personal demonstration.